The mentorship programme aims to close the gap between students and the legal industry. During the course of the academic year, each participating student will be strategically paired with an industry mentor who will assist with both career and personal development. To ensure students are paired accordingly to mentors, the pairing process will include a short initial meeting with each student to better understand where their career interest lies.

Given the international nature of the profession, and the diverse student body at the University, we will have several mentors who practice overseas, to be paired with students looking to pursue a career in that region.

In order to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between mentors and mentees, each will be provided with a mentorship handbook, outlining the expectations of the programme. It is encouraged that each mentor and mentee pairing meet/speak at least twice during the course of the academic year.

Applications for our Mentorship Programme 2017/18 are NOW CLOSED! 


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